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This is Kansas City

by Angela Kmeck &

John Hare

A board book that can be enjoyed by all ages. "This is Kansas City" celebrates the essential elements of life in Kansas City with hand painted artwork.

About the Author & Illustrator

Angela Kmeck studied radio-television-film at the University of Texas at Austin.  She has worked at Nick Jr. and Sesame Street and on the PBS show Word World.  Drawn to youthful expressions, she loves to lure others to the brighter side of life.  There's always a story to be told, a kind act to bestow and hope for all.

John Hare spent his youth in Kansas drawing comic strips about snakes, making spoof yearbooks to entertain his friends, and writing stories about a crime-fighting crocodile. At some point, he decided he better actually do something for a living and worked as a freelance graphic designer. One day, John picked up a brush and painted a train scene for his son's nursery. That’s when he realized he wanted nothing more than to bring stories to life.

Available as:

Board Book

20 pp.
ISBN: 978-0996228947
List price: $12.99